The Perfect Shampoo By NAAVA


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We do it all the time, some of us more than once a day. It seems second nature, but what you don’t know about the suds in your hair is there’s actually a protocol to it. Today is all about washing your hair the right way!


Step One:

Rinse hair thoroughly before even beginning to lather up. Rub and massage your scalp while you rinse. The thing we might not all know about hair is that most products we use on a daily basis can be broken down by water, so it is key to rinse for a few minutes to get it all out.


Step Two:

For most normal heads of hair, not too thick and not too thin, a nickel size amount of shampoo is more than enough. And the secret lies in where you start. Don’t take to the top of your head like most would assume, start at the nape of your neck and lather/massage your scalp up to the top of your hair. If the shampoo stops lathering add more water not more soap!


Step Three:

Stimulate your scalp by massaging it before and during the cleaning rinse. Take light to the shampoo as piling your hair into a mountain of suds will only lead to dehydration. The suds that fall over your ends is plenty to cleans.


Step Four:

Keep a towel handy for after you complete the shampooing process. Squeeze out all excess water with the towel before starting to condition. Use a nickel size of conditioner and work it from the ends of your hair up to ensue proper nourishing.


**People with fine and oily hair need to be aware and keep conditioner away from scalp.

Follow this process with a mask, if recommended by your stylist.

We understand that everyone is different, but as stylist wanting to preserve your lovely locks we strongly suggest not washing your hair more than every 2 to 3 days. To avoid the greasy look, invest in a good brush, we suggest Mason Pierson, and thoroughly brush from the top of your hair to the ends. This will allow the natural oils to spread and decrease the look of unwashed hair. For styling purposes, if you need lift for your roots, spray dry shampoo only where needed and follow by normal styling routine.

Hair By Fall


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As the leaves begin to change the urge to swap up our hair color always seems to get a little bit deeper. We start looking in the mirror at our sun kissed locks and being to wonder why we ever strayed from the brunette hues in the first place. We pull the ponytail out and start reaching for those straight bang scissors. But, stop right there!

This year we dare you to not go crazy with change. Instead, take our tips and let your true hair style unveil:

For Color: We are calling a bluff on needing to be blonde in the summer and dark in the fall. As your tans begin to fade, and you feel the need to reverse your light hair dark skin tone to light skin/dark hair, remember this: consistency is key. Don’t rush for an overall color, instead ask for a gloss. It will take down the color while adding the shine and reflection you’re missing from lack of sun.

For Cuts:We can’t deny that this fall is full of froth. The new trend hitting the streets is hair looking light and airy. In some cases see through! This isn’t a trend for everyone, but it is a trend for those who can wear trends. For those looking to stay current, be on the high end for yourself. Ask what’s fitting for your current job, age and dress. Take some time to talk with your stylist and together unveil the real you.

For Style: For a long time now we have been preaching undone braids and messy finishes. For those looking to go up with their hair even through the colder months, the answer is now structure. We are moving back into the sculpted look, where braids and ponies have a put together outcome.

Don’t know how to achieve these looks on your own? Book your next appointment and ASK YOUR STYLIS!

A Gloss That Hydrates And Holds


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Our ever trusting Oribe has done it again! Their new curl gloss is a product we can’t stop talking about. It’s lightweight formula helps to hydrate and hold while curling without a crunch. Trust us, if you have curly hair, you are going to want to use this product.

We are so thrilled with it, we had to share the secret before it even hit our shelves! Though, as we anxiously await for the Oribe marked boxes to hit our front step, we strongly encourage you to ask your hair care provider for more information.

Get ready for a product that will change your life, and let us help you leave looking and feeling beautiful.

From NAAVA To You!


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The year is flying by, and in the mix of all our new we wanted to give to you! Our latest giveaway is the perfect gift for any girl or guy, and one we know for sure you won’t want to miss out on.

We are giving away a BRAND NEW iPAD to one lucky client and another to their service provider!

All you have to do to be entered is review us on Google. Tell us about your latest service, how you enjoy your time at NAAVA Salon and Day Spa, and don’t forget to mention your service providers name! We are always striving to enhance our clients experience, know how your time in our premium salon is, and show our gratitude for doing so!

We will review all entries on Wednesday, September 30th and announce the winner the following day.

Hurry up for the best NAAVA prize yet!


Look and feel beautiful, NAAVA Salon and Spa



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clarisonic smart profile-2

We are thrilled to RE-introduce the re-imagined, re-designed, and re-energized Clarisonic Smart Profile. The new advanced technology makes cleansing easy to obtain beautifully transformed skin in just 60 seconds a day.

With the new T-Timer application you can spend the perfect amount of time on each area of the face: Starting at the forehead then moving to the nose and chin and finishing on the cheeks.

Get the perfect clean for your face with not one, but two smart brush heads. Both the 2-in-1 dynamic facial brush and turbo massage body brush are individually programed with smart protocols that automatically engage when the device is powered on. These brush heads can be recognized by the “smart” indicator that illuminates when a smart brush head is attached to the device and running in Smart mode.

New Technology, Intuitive Interfaces, and Turbo Functions make for a smarter, easier, and more powerful overall clean.

Learn more about the product that will have you asking yourself what you ever did before at your next NAAVA visit!

NYFW As Seen By Hair


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New York Fashion week is full of the years very best models and a fabulous mix of Avant guard and ready-to-wear pieces from the worlds leading designers. But this year we are focusing in on something a little closer to home. One of our most trusted product lines, Oribe, it taking the runway by storm!

Styling for brands on the rise such as Eckhaus Latta and Tim Coppens the Oribe team is taking to a sleek and styled look, overall. With women wearing their hair down and flat, men are being seen with the perfected Ken Doll locks for hitting the runway.

This year has been all about the minimalistic feel, and stepping away from over-the-top styled out flare. Bringing the runway just one step closer to our own reality, and making us beg for the real-way style in our every day look!

Stay tuned for all things NYFW as Oribe takes a closer look behind the hair.

Discipline Your Hair


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Disciplinehaircare copy

We are gaga for Kerastase’s new Discipline line! As the first long-lasting intense hair care that shaves minutes off every blowdry we simply can’t put it down

Oh, and did we mention it masters smoothness with movement? That’s right! No more fabulous locks until you touch, or the hair spray melts away. Discipline has been trained to stick in the most glamorous of ways!

The three-step program consist of Cleansing, Treating, and Priming the hair to mint condition. Leaving you with faster, easier and long-lasting blowdrys. Not to forget it’s ability to detangle and de-frizz.

Lets just say, if you haven’t tried Discipline you are missing out!

Ask your stylist at next visit for more information and to decide the best Kerastase plan to restore the lovely locks you’ve been missing: BOOK NOW.

Be Inspired By Fall


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We have been beating the heat for weeks, and though it’s nowhere near its brutal end we are ready to cool you down with some amazing fall inspiration. This year we are all about the bold beauty. From hair to accessories, everything should be bright and eye catching.

FACE: Bronze is in. A bright orange cheek is the perfect touch to any look. Think of it as bringing the sweet part of summer with you.

HAIR: Blondes have a space in the spot light this fall. Where most like to go dark for the cooler months, we are all about staying light.

NAILS: We are always a fan of red, and for fall we are all about it on the nails! Bright and beautiful is the way to go.

EYES: The smoky eye isn’t just for going out any more. Don’t be afraid to glam up and go bold!

ACCESSORIES: Gold is glorious! Of course, being NAAVA Salon and Spa we love the beauty of a luxurious color like gold, and this year you should be too. It’s the perfect touch of color for any outfit, and is sure to catch others eye.

The Beauty Beach Chic


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We’ve been raving for weeks about our latest product, Oribe Gold Lust, and are in good company with our bragging rights. Harpers Bazaar is deeming the line it’s Beauty Beach Chic secret, and we have to agree!

Bazaar suggest combing in the light hair oil and letting it bake in the sun for an effortless deep condition. Consider it the new, and healthy, lemon juice treatment. By eliminating frizz, and increasing shine Oribe oils add a protective barrier to help prevent color fading.

Infused with jasmine, edelweiss flower and argan extracts these light oils absorb instantly to restore hair to it’s prime. Be beach babe ready even when the summer months are far from sight.


Come pick up your beach babe products today!

A Look At Our Inspiration Board


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Red, white and blue lives on with our latest inspiration board. We are loving all things Ralph Lauren preppy. It is all about the put together disheveled look. We want bold and beautiful. We want simple and sweet. And we want it all in one!

Red lips will always be an in when it comes to the preppy style. We love a bold statement and think red is a classic way to get it done. Don’t be afraid to push the pop of color and keep it going all night long.

Pair with out newest trend of white and gold nails for a modern twist. These colors have been our salons goto’s all summer and adding the two together makes for a perfect combo. The triangular design is fab for summer fun.

Last but not least it’s all about bumping up the hair. Volume is a must and so is the messy wave. Be beach babe styled with a touch of New York living.