Craig P.

Craig Piatti is a well-respected beauty and style expert of 26 years, successfully building a career as personal stylist to an extended celebrity following. After attending the Toni & Guy, Vidal Sassoon, L’Oreal and Redken Academies in New York City, Craig launched his professional career on the east coast, honing his craft and developing a loyal beauty and style clientele in both New Jersey and Manhattan. He attributes much of his passion for and dedication to the beauty industry to his father, deceased International Color & Style Educator, Richard Piatti.



Seven years ago, Craig made the move to Austin, Texas, where he continues his career. Today, he is personal stylist to the internationally acclaimed image expert and celebrity author of “Dress Code”, Eve Michaels. Other celebrity clients include Kathy Lee Gifford, Hoda Coffey, Tabatha Coffey, Rue McClanahan and Linda Gray. In addition to styling Eve Michaels, Craig worked alongside her as part of the Today Show makeover team. Craig Piatti, proficient in the Art of Balayage, is young, fashionable and talented. This industry expert is 43 years old and happy to call Austin his home.


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