Lizz P.

Lizz is a new member of the AZIZ styling team, as of 2012, and has been in the industry since 2005.



Representing AZIZ, delivered Concepts to 7 National and International Designers including Boudoir Queeen, Savannah Red, House of Krimson, House of Victoria, and Rare Trends | Austin Fashion Week 2012

She loves the variety her career provides her with, and enjoys the new experiences it provides her with daily. Every one of Lizz’s clients comes to her with a different vision, she truly treats it as a pleasure to help them achieve that result!

Lizz is very artistic, she feels like hair is her canvas to be colored and shaped in any way the client and her see fit. If she doesn’t get enough creative outlet, she tends to take it out on her own hair. As a result; she ends up changing her hair color every two weeks! She is highly fashion-oriented and loves the appeal music videos offer for staying connected to the latest trends, and recreation of those larger than life looks.

With that said, it should come as no surprise that Lizz loves updos with a passion! She can take a concept and turn it into reality. She loves being challenged, and loves doing fairytale hair; braids, curls, up, down; you name it – she loves it!

One thing you may not know about Lizz?: “I also love to do nail art! I am currently refining my technique for applying Shellac, and also working on creating fun designs to go along with it!”

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