Pamela W.

Pamela has been with AZIZ since 2011, and brings over 16 years of experience to our Stylist Team.



  • Representing AZIZ, delivered Concepts to 7 National and International Designers including Boudoir Queeen, Savannah Red, House of Krimson, House of Victoria, and Rare Trends | Austin Fashion Week 2012

She truly loves her career as a hairstylist, and enjoys being able to help people feel and look amazing. She is an experienced multicultural, and ethnic hairstylist with all textures of hair that specializes in healthy hair care with clients from all over the world.

Pamela’s talents range from helping her clients grow their natural hair long with sew-in natural hair extensions, to amazing Keratin Smoothing treatments, and Relaxers that leave her clients with bouncy healthy hair. She was born with the gift to draw and considers her Highlights and Colours personal live paintings. She loves working magic on wavy and curly haired clients, while customizing cuts for her client’s needs and wants.

One thing you may not know about Pamela? “I would like to be one of the top stylists int he world so I am able to secure my families future plus take care of my parents, children, and one day; some grandchildren!”

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