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We do it all the time, some of us more than once a day. It seems second nature, but what you don’t know about the suds in your hair is there’s actually a protocol to it. Today is all about washing your hair the right way!


Step One:

Rinse hair thoroughly before even beginning to lather up. Rub and massage your scalp while you rinse. The thing we might not all know about hair is that most products we use on a daily basis can be broken down by water, so it is key to rinse for a few minutes to get it all out.


Step Two:

For most normal heads of hair, not too thick and not too thin, a nickel size amount of shampoo is more than enough. And the secret lies in where you start. Don’t take to the top of your head like most would assume, start at the nape of your neck and lather/massage your scalp up to the top of your hair. If the shampoo stops lathering add more water not more soap!


Step Three:

Stimulate your scalp by massaging it before and during the cleaning rinse. Take light to the shampoo as piling your hair into a mountain of suds will only lead to dehydration. The suds that fall over your ends is plenty to cleans.


Step Four:

Keep a towel handy for after you complete the shampooing process. Squeeze out all excess water with the towel before starting to condition. Use a nickel size of conditioner and work it from the ends of your hair up to ensue proper nourishing.


**People with fine and oily hair need to be aware and keep conditioner away from scalp.

Follow this process with a mask, if recommended by your stylist.

We understand that everyone is different, but as stylist wanting to preserve your lovely locks we strongly suggest not washing your hair more than every 2 to 3 days. To avoid the greasy look, invest in a good brush, we suggest Mason Pierson, and thoroughly brush from the top of your hair to the ends. This will allow the natural oils to spread and decrease the look of unwashed hair. For styling purposes, if you need lift for your roots, spray dry shampoo only where needed and follow by normal styling routine.