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New York Fashion week is full of the years very best models and a fabulous mix of Avant guard and ready-to-wear pieces from the worlds leading designers. But this year we are focusing in on something a little closer to home. One of our most trusted product lines, Oribe, it taking the runway by storm!

Styling for brands on the rise such as Eckhaus Latta and Tim Coppens the Oribe team is taking to a sleek and styled look, overall. With women wearing their hair down and flat, men are being seen with the perfected Ken Doll locks for hitting the runway.

This year has been all about the minimalistic feel, and stepping away from over-the-top styled out flare. Bringing the runway just one step closer to our own reality, and making us beg for the real-way style in our every day look!

Stay tuned for all things NYFW as Oribe takes a closer look behind the hair.