Official Announcement

As many have come to know us, at AZIZ Salon and Day Spa, opening our doors in 1973; we are an iconic Austin original. AZIZ began in a small house off of West Lynn, the first salon and day spa in Austin, before moving into the West Avenue address we have all become so familiar with. AZIZ has grown into one of the most respected and prestigious facilities in the area. We’ve been in Austin for almost 40 years and have remained a constant fixture in providing salon, spa, and product needs – all in a singular location. Growth and change is upon us once more, as an Austin original. For that very reason we have some important news we’d like to announce to those closest to us.

We are opening an additional location inside of the Arboretum, and we’d like you to be the first we share it with. During the Summer of 2012, located adjacent to favorites such as The Cheesecake Factory, and Restoration Hardware; the fountains in the heart of the Arboretum are your first greeting to the newest addition of AZIZ Salon and Day Spa. It’s time to expand. It’s time to move closer to some of you.

Our 710 West 7th Street Downtown facility is still here. In fact, our services are enhancing; something that’s been shifting internally with the start of the new year. This is nothing but amazing for you. The same friendly faces of AZIZ with enhanced experiences, and two locations for you to call home.

At AZIZ Salon and Day Spa, no matter where your journey takes you, we have the same core purpose, the same mission, and culture. We are inviting you to grow with us, and wanted to personally let you know of our new engagement. Share this with us. AZIZ loves educating our clients, catering to their needs, and always performing above expectations. Our commitment and promise strives in the fact that every individual is beautiful in our eyes; we help them discover that, enhance it, and learn from it.

Our mission remains the same; to define beauty as a feeling, and help people discover what that is; within themselves.Our core purpose is to always provide accommodating service to our clientele that caters specifically to their needs in a friendly environment that enhances their education as a consumer, builds stellar rapport in our community, and promotes self confidence from within. That will not change. Regardless of which location you use, our culture is the same. At AZIZ we promise beauty from within, and wish for that to be exuded in our staff as well as our guests. The total of these inherited ideas, beliefs and values creates a unique culture that you will only find at AZIZ. These are shared by our peers in the Austin community, and are a direct public representation of our company. We are so very eager to begin this new journey with you.

What you once thought of as essential services are of much deeper roots at AZIZ Salon and Day Spa. Each of our treatments contains the most sought after aromas, exclusive techniques, and luxurious products to enhance and improve your well-being. Don’t you think it’s time to indulge yourself in a sensorial experience, while discovering the unique culture in a singular place that caters to all of your needs? Welcome to AZIZ Salon and Day Spa.
Let your ritual begin.

Take part in our history, and join us this summer; in The Arboretum.


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