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As the leaves begin to change the urge to swap up our hair color always seems to get a little bit deeper. We start looking in the mirror at our sun kissed locks and being to wonder why we ever strayed from the brunette hues in the first place. We pull the ponytail out and start reaching for those straight bang scissors. But, stop right there!

This year we dare you to not go crazy with change. Instead, take our tips and let your true hair style unveil:

For Color: We are calling a bluff on needing to be blonde in the summer and dark in the fall. As your tans begin to fade, and you feel the need to reverse your light hair dark skin tone to light skin/dark hair, remember this: consistency is key. Don’t rush for an overall color, instead ask for a gloss. It will take down the color while adding the shine and reflection you’re missing from lack of sun.

For Cuts:We can’t deny that this fall is full of froth. The new trend hitting the streets is hair looking light and airy. In some cases see through! This isn’t a trend for everyone, but it is a trend for those who can wear trends. For those looking to stay current, be on the high end for yourself. Ask what’s fitting for your current job, age and dress. Take some time to talk with your stylist and together unveil the real you.

For Style: For a long time now we have been preaching undone braids and messy finishes. For those looking to go up with their hair even through the colder months, the answer is now structure. We are moving back into the sculpted look, where braids and ponies have a put together outcome.

Don’t know how to achieve these looks on your own? Book your next appointment and ASK YOUR STYLIS!