Find Your Floral Fix


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Flowers are the thought of the season. This summer has been decked out in pastel petals and loud statements of lovely bouquets. Here are our top three ways to wear the beautiful trend:

1. Wear the Halo

Wear your boho crown with a flower halo. For years now these floral accessories have been seeing warn to music festivals near and far, but they aren’t just for music lovers anymore! The only rule for the flower halo: the bigger the better.

2. Wear the color

If bold is where you are headed then wearing the color is for you. With summer flowers in fashion comes pastel colors in your hair. We are in love with this subtle but radiant purple. And being the most bold of floral statements you can wear your flower power for months to come!

3. Wear the lips

For those who feel most comfortable with a subtle floral reminder, the lips are for you. Wear a pastel pink lip for a bright and shining kiss. It’s a classic and simple way to bring the pastel phase to life.



Why We Love Infinity Sun


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There is no doubt that when summer rolls around we all feel the need to tan. Though, this year we are dying to share our sunless secret! Infinity Sun is our golden weapon bringing the perfect tan in reach. It’s a “Plug & Spray” device made to give you that summer glow with a dose of skin care.

Infinity Sun combines all-natural anti-aging sunless tanning and high-end beauty treatments, leaving the skin looking radiant and healthy with a natural-looking golden brown glow.

Combining Infinity Sun Glow on the Go, Infinity Exfoliant, and Infinity Extend will leave you looking flawless and beach ready at the drop of a hat. In a day full of protective measures and a goal for everlasting beauty, we think sunless is the only way to go.

Stop by for a glimpse of the product sure to be your newest obsession.


Love and Beauty,

Aziz Salon and Day Spa

For Your Everlasting Facial


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When thinking of Aziz Salon and Day Spa we hope you think of being pampered and taking a moment to relax. Kicking back and spending a day exploring your inner, and outer, beauty. But something else we would like you to think of is how you can feel beautiful even after you leave.

We are firm believers that our services shouldn’t stop at the door. One place this holds very true is when working with your skin. Here are a few things to get the most out of your next facial:

  1. The first, and MOST important, thing to remember is always wash your make up off before bed. Not only does it keep your skin fresh and young, but your facial will show greater results with a clear face.
  2. Clean from the inside out. Facials go further than the surface, and a big part is being clean all over. Drinking and eating right is the first step to taking care of your skin on your own.
  3. Always ask what the real problem is. It is easy to say you have dry skin, but there is a difference in dry and dehydrated skin. Once you learn what the condition your face is in we will give you tips to help correct the problem areas.


Book your next facial: 512.476.4131

A Date Night To Remember


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When it comes to date night as a woman we are all the same. Throwing clothes over our head while realizing we have NOTHING to wear. Wishing we had spent the day buying all new make up… and how could we have forgotten our nails? When did my cuticles overtake my fingers? We fret and fret until its time to go. Then we fret just a little bit more.


Here are three simple steps to looking good and feeling good as you approach your next date:

HAIR. There is no doubt volume is in. Though for a first date you don’t want to scare the guy away with miles of poof. Go for a subtle but prominent bounce with a simple curl throughout. We suggest Oribe finishing products to keep your hair looking it’s best all night long!

NAILS. Here is where simplicity is key. Treat yourself before your big night out and book a manicure with us! Go for a muted color that wont distract and says you know how to keep yourself looking fabulous from head to toe.

FACE. Too much or too little. Do you go bright and bronzed or light and natural? Make up can make or break any outfit… which is why we stress it the most. Our perfect face tip is all in the eyes, and bright muted lip. Be bold with your mascara so batting those lashes comes natural while flirting over cocktails. Top off with a simple but bold lip for the perfect look.


Call to book for your date night help now: 512.476.4131

We Love The Red, White and Blue


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We take pride in our Red, White and Blue! And much like our love for this fabulous nation, we hold close to our hearts fashion and beauty. In preparation for this Friday we have compiled a list of patriotic things. A floppy blue hat, red sunnies and nails, the perfect suite and matching coverup all made the list.

Top your look off with beach waves, made perfect by our hair-obsessed Oribe products, and you are sure to rock this years July 4th parties!


Love and Beauty,

Aziz Salon and Day Spa



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Hello beautiful hair! This summer we want you all to channel your inner princess, and wear your crown. Your braided crown that is! This look is perfect for hot summer days when a pony feels flat and a down do just isn’t going to cut it. Go messy or go chic, its a new twist on the every day up do we are loving more every day.


The style is elegant and simple to accomplish, here is how it’s done:

  1. Divide hair into two even pigtails with a middle part
  2. Fasten the left side in a low hanging pony and leave the right side of hair free
  3. Begin by taking three strips from the bottom of the loose hanging hair directly by the part
  4. French braiding hair towards the top of the head
  5. Once at the top of the head remove pony tail from fastened pigtail and continue braid
  6. once all hair is fastened into braid finish out to the tip and pin underneath existing braid

*To achieve the messy feel tug at braid all the way around until hair falls lightly.


For help on achieving this braid call our salon to book and learn: (512) 476-4131

Beach Bag Must Haves


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Heading out on your first summer vacay? Here are a few must-haves we keep in our bag at all times:



Drawn from the natural selection processes of extremophilic organisms, pioneering Innovative Skincare is the future of skincare in terms of ultimate protection and healthy skin. Pick up this SPF 30 spray for full coverage and a breezy day at the beach.



We are obsessing over these Prada Sunglasses! A great pair of full coverage glasses is a must this year. And the tortuous shell print is an added bonus.



Orange is the color of the season, and this amazing OPI shade is perfect for summer trips. Though our mani/pedis last like a great love, as a girl you never want to be unprepared. We love to keep a polish on us at all times… just incase the unexpected happens.



You can’t head on a relaxing trip without picking up a copy of Vogue. Take some time to read and relax. It’s also an excuse to get a bigger bag!


With love and beauty,

Aziz Salon and Day Spa

True Look At Beauty


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Our Artistic Director Craig Piatti launched his career as a stylist on the East Coast 26 years ago. Craig is an inventive mind when it comes to making women and men feel their very best. From the beginning he has built up a celebrity cliental, cutting and styling for Kathy Lee Gifford, Hoda Coffey, Tabitha Coffey, Rue McClanahan and Linda Gray.

This expert is proficient in the Art of Balayage, keeping up with the latest fashions in hair care and styles, and is talented beyond his years.

It only made sense that his passion for teaching others how to live a beautiful life would transcend into his relationship with internationally acclaimed image expert, Eve Michaels. Eve’s mission is to change perceptions and reflections of beauty, both inward and outward. From personal styling to Beauty Bootcamps she has helped everyone from stars to stay-at-home-moms regain confidence and learn to love their bodies at every age.


Together they are taking over Austin with bombshell hair and magnificent style. Him working on the world of hair, not just creating your perfect look, but allowing you the tools and teachings to recreate it; and her helping women find inner beauty by looking outside. Creating color analysis, teaching tools to shopping for your life, and helping women and men alike regain control by taking pride in them selves again.

These two are a force to be reckoned with, and one your image simply canʼt afford to overlook.


To book an appointment with Craig: (512) 476-4131
To book an appointment with Eve:

Oribe’s Lusting Launch


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Oribe Gold lust

Oribe is back and better than ever! We have fallen in love with their Gold Lust repair line, and now we are letting you in on the secret, too.

With healing oils and extracts such as shea butter, argan oil and jasmine this new formula is made for repairing and restoring your hair. Lather, indulge, and rinse these rejuvenating products through your locks for instant relief.

Gold Lust is made for hair damaged by time, styling and processing, something all women can relate to these days!

For more information on these products, and to see which are best for your daily beauty routine, ask your Aizz Salon and Day Spa stylist at next visit. Or, don’t wait to make your hair even more fabulous; stop by the salon and snag the product you are sure to fall in love with!


With Love and Beauty, Aziz Salon and Day Spa

The Very Best Massage By Aziz Salon and Day Spa


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Everyone loves a good massage. It’s a time to relax and rejuvenate. Work on problem areas and rid yourself of some aches and pains. Here at Aziz Salon and Day Spa we are all about giving you the best experience we can! Here are a few tips on how to get even more out of your next visit to our spa:

  1. Drink A LOT of water before and after a massage. This helps with hydrating and flushing our your body, along with warming up and loosening your fascia around the muscles. It will in turn allow your body to react to the massage to a more full potential.
  2. Take a detox baths post deep tissue massage. The Kneipp detox salt bath is available at check out. Our favorite is the Kneipp Arnica! Add a warm neck wrap ($40 at the salon) and you have the perfect post massage remedy.
  3. It’s all about stretching. Massage is amazing for helping aches and pains, but what you do to continue the therapy is a big part in healing. Our therapist will finish your massage with a few stretches to do as homework.
  4. REPEAT! If you have a real issue come back once every week or two. Never wait  longer than 6 weeks between massage. We want to help you feel better and live a healthy life, after all.
  5. Remember that no body has to hurt. Keep in mind that massage is not just a luxury, it is a way of healing. And in saying that, we want to help you heal to the best of our ability. Don’t be scared to speak up during a massage is the pressure is not exactly what you wish. We are here to serve you!

Book your next appointment today: 512.476.4131